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Wilsonart countertop in Gibraltar Solid Surface

     A beautiful countertop can transform an otherwise normal kitchen into something extraordinary. Our extensive selection of brands and colors ensures that you will find the countertop that's right for you. Every countertop is custom made to your specifications, so almost anything is possible. Pick a color and one of our many edge styles and leave the rest to us. Integral solid surface, stainless steel or cast iron undermounts can make a beautiful addition to any countertop.

Silestone countertop in Diana Pearl
     This is a countertop made from quartz by Silestone. The color is Diana Pearl and is accompanied by stainless steel undermount sinks. Quartz countertops have become extremely popular in favor of granite due to their gorgeous colors, lack of maintenance and very appealing warrantees.

Countertop in Avonites Black Coral

     This countertop is solid surface. The brand is Avonite and the color is Black Coral. It has an undermount stainless steel sink and a gentle round over edge. All solid surface countertops are fabricated by us and most typically have a 10 year warrantee. Specific brand warrantees vary.

Granite countertop in Venetian

     This countertop island is made from granite and the color is Venetian. Granite is a naturally occuring stone that is cut into slabs and finished. The downside to granite is the lack of warrantee and sanitation issues. However it still remains a very popular countertop of choice.

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