Kitchen Saver of North Carolina

About Kitchen Saver

Kitchen Saver Showroom     Kitchen Saver is owned and operated by Fred Oskin. Fred has been remodeling kitchens and baths for nearly 30 years and has accumulated a vast background of experience in all areas of construction. Along with his close nit and experienced employees Fred has remodeled well over a thousand kitchens and many bathrooms in North Carolina. Most of those remodels are in Winston-Salem and the surrounding towns but Fred has also performed remodels in Charlotte, Greensboro and many other areas.
     Much of what Fred and his employees do involves kitchen and bath cabinetry, but this really only touches on the abilities of the group. They are certified and extremely experienced countertop fabricators, flooring installers, and tile layers for any facet of construction in both residential and commercial settings. Fred is also an accomplished designer and can work with clients to produce computer aided layouts to best utilize space and provide a visual aid to help see what their room will look like after the remodel.
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